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Introduction of Huanggang Middle School (History Overview)


History Overview


Hubei Huanggang Middle School was founded in 1904.The ancient-Chinese architectural style of the whole campus reflects in its proper construction, comprehensive functions, well-equipped facilities and beautiful surroundings.


For over 100 years, Hubei Huanggang Middle School has nurtured more than 4 million talents who made contributions to the country when they graduated from here, such as Many Member of the First National Congress of the CPC and Acting President of the People's Republic of China, Dong Biwu, Member of the First National Congress of the CPC, Bao Huiseng, Well-known Chinese Literary Theorist, Hu Feng, Chief Engineer of Chang’e Spacecraft, He Zuming. What’s more, over 10 graduates were promoted officials at provincial level and Generals; hundreds got Doctorate Degree; thousands worked as experts and scholars; and tens of thousands were dedicated to the People’s Republic of China. Therefore, Hubei Huanggang Middle School has been honored as "a Model of Middle Schools" and "an Incubator for Elites and National talents".


Since the branch of Huanggang Middle School was opened in Guangzhou, it has inherited the educational spirit advocated by its headquarter. With integration of high-quality educational resources and advancing pedagogy put forward by Guangdong Province, Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch has successfully expanded its education delivery across multiple campuses in Guangzhou, such as Experimental Primary School of Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch (Fenghuang Bei Road), Experimental Primary School of Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch (Huadong Jingu Nan Road), Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Zengcheng Campus, Huanggang Kindergarten, Huanggang Oxbridge Primary School, Huanggang Oxbridge Kindergarten. As an industry leader, Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch now plays a significant role in private education in Guangzhou, demonstrating its education quality and brand popularity in remarkable academic results.


In addition, Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch integrates high-quality education resources from Hubei and Guangdong Province, with advanced school-running philosophy and distinctive features. The essence of Huanggang Education is the learning method, featuring getting twice the result with half of the effort, as well as effective thinking trainings. It is the implementation of systematic and scientific learning methods that enables students to master the "Da Vinci Code" for achievement in study. The success story of Huanggang Middle School has been continuing in its Guangzhou Branch.


School-Running Introduction:


Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch (HGGZ) was launched in 2011, supported and constructed by Huadu District Committee and Huadu District People’s Government. As a vital educational project in public interest, HGGZ is committed to offering quality education for the whole district.


Located at the junction of Jinghu Avenue and Yayao East Road, 3 kilometers away from Baiyun International Airtport and Guangzhou North Railway Station, HGGZ is a combination of junior high school, senior high school and international high school. Covering an area of 203 mu and a construction are of over 100,000 square meters. HGGZ provides students with experience of studying in the college, where Teaching Buildings, Accommodations, Administration Hall and Art & Science Building, Auditorium are all available. Students studying in HGGZ can not only study academic knowledge, but moral education, a code of conduct and survival tool kit.


HGGZ promotes moral education featuring "Paying Equal Attention to EQ and IQ", “A well balance between methods and knowledge” in teaching and a focus on “students’ progress in scores and ability”. Furthermore, HGGZ makes commitment to cultivating students good habits that will benefit them for life, mastering effective learning methods and having independent learning ability.




Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch has inherited the educational spirit advocated by its headquarter, combining high-quality educational resources and advanced teaching ideas put forward by Guangdong Province. With an aim at creating “the Best School Spirit, Moral Education and Academic Results”, it has achieved excellent outcomes in teaching and moral education. Great potentials and remarkable scores also made it a Tier 1 school in Guangzhou. Honored as a Demonstration High School, Compulsory Education Specialist School, A Safety and Civilized School, AAAA Social Organization in Guangzhou in Guangzhou, Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Brach has great social influence and brand popularity, becoming one of the favorite schools among parents who have been witnessed the breakthrough made by the school.






2020 Results of High School Entrance Examination (Zhongkao)

4 Top Scorer of Subject (100 score points)

94% of students have reached the Early Admission Passing Score.

245 students got over 700 score points, accounting for 43% of the students in Huadu District; The Top 300 students achieved an average score of 714 points.






2020 Results of the National College Entrance Examination (Gaokao)

The enrollment rate of key universities is 82.6% (Including Liberal Arts and Science Results)

(Liberal Arts) 3 students scored over 600 points, ranking the top 3 in Huadu District.

(Science) 29% of the students scores over 600 points, among whom 6 students achieved over 650 score points.

Students getting over 600 score points are 4.5 times more than that of 2019, with a proportion of 45% of the students achieving over 600 score points in Huadu District.


世界TOP 20超一流大学录取率30%

世界TOP 50顶尖大学录取率67%





2020 Remarkable A-Level Results:

Top 20 Universities: 30%

Top 50 Universities: 67%

Top 100 Universities: 91%

Top 200 Universities: 100%

Jiang Zhenyao has been admitted into the University of Cambridge (In Guangzhou, there were only 2 schools whose students got offer from the University of Cambridge: Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch and Huafu International)

(QS2020: Tsinghua University placed 16th; Peking University ranked 22nd while  Sun Yat-Sen University ranked 287th )


New Breakthrough and Continued Success Story

(1)   黄广学校为2014年全广州中考报考人数最多的学校;

In 2014, Huanggang Middle School was a school that had most students signed up in Zhongkao;


Since it opened, Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch has been famous as the huge number of students who signed up in Zhongkao.


Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch ranked 1st in 2015 and 2016 High School Entrance Examination in Huadu District and came top in Guangzhou, ranking the 3rd in the average score among schools who have more than 500 students.


2017 Gaokao Score: The enrollment rate of key universities is 61% (Elite Class got 100% of the students admitted into key Universities, and 99% into undergraduate program.) The two figures showed the quality of education of a Tier 1 school in Guangzhou, ranking the first among private school in Guangzhou and the first among schools in Huadu District.


2017 Zhongkao Score: The score achieved by HGGZ stood out in Guangzhou, though the difficulty index of the examination was much higher than the previous years, resulted in less top scorers and the lower passing scores

233 700以上人数223,占花都区38%高分优先投档线698分以上233

233 students scored over 700 points, accounting for 38% of Huadu District; 233 students reached Early Admission Passing Score which is over 698 points.


The average score of Top 50 students is 732.7 points, 725.8 points for Top 100 students, 721.1 for Top 150 students, 717.3 for Top 200 students and 710.28 for Top 300 students.


The average score of all students in the campus is 692 points, which was outstanding among schools in the whole district and even the city.


2018 Gaokao Score: 72.4% of the students were admitted into key universities, increased by 12% from 2017, ranking the first among private schools in Guangzhou and schools in Huadu District. The enrollment rate of undergraduate program was 100%; 2 of the students from HGGZ got more than 650 score points which were only achieved by 3 students in the whole Huadu District; Students from Elite Class were all enrolled into prestigious universities. It was noteworthy that 43% of this class reached over 600 score points, with achieving an average score of 588 points, 88 points higher than the Key University Passing Score.


2018 Zhongkao Score: The Average score of all the students was 688 score points. Guangzhou High School Entrance examination held in 2018 was far more difficult than that of the previous years, so the Early Admission Passing Score was 12 points lower than that of 2017. That means 688 score points in 2018, 2 points higher than the Official Early Admission Passing Score, was equivalent to 703 in 2017. Overall, almost a half of students (47%), in Huadu District whose scores getting over 700 points, were from Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch,202 students in total, among whom 292 students successfully reached over the Early Admission Passing Score. The average score of the Top 50 students was 732 points, and 725 for Top 100 students, 715 for Top 200 students, 708 for Top 300 students.


2018 Extraordinary outcomes in A-level Results: The percentage of being admitted into Top10 universities was 13%, 44% of Top50 universities, 64% of Top100 universities, 86% oftop200 universities, 100% of Top300 universities

(QS2018: Peking University placed 48th; Sun Yat-Sen University ranked 319th)


2019 Gaokao Score: A Student from Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch achieving 682 points, became the top scorer in Huangdu District and also came top of Guangdong Province. The enrollment rate of key universities was 81.5%, increased by 9% compared with the year 2018, ranking 1st among private schools in Guangzhou (Surpassed the records of private schools in Guangzhou) and 1st in Huadu District. It has advanced to municipality-class level in Guangzhou. (Note:the predicted enrollment rate of key universities was 54.3% based on students Zhongkao Score in 2016. However, with all the efforts, the figure had risen to 81.5% after three years). The Enrollment rate of the undergraduate program was 100%; The enrollment rate of key universities for Elite Class was 100%, where the score exceeded 80 points of the Official Passing Score for key universities. Xi Fan, Hui Min were the two students who joined Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch since they finished primary school, had been successfully admitted into Peking University and Tsinghua University.

92019年中考:总分700分以上人数占花都全区700分以上总人数近半壁江山(占比 49 %);96. 2%学生达到广州市提前批最低录取线;全体学生人均分、700分以上人数及比例,均遥遥领先同业、居广州中考500人以上学校前三甲、花都区第一、广州市一流水平;总分前50名考生的人均分725分,前100名考生的人均分718分,前200名考生的人均分709分,前300名考生的人均分702分;实验班平均分723分。

2019 Zhongkao Score: Almost a half of students (49%), in Huadu District whose scores reached over 700 are from Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch, among whom 96.2% of the students had reached the Early Admission Passing Score; The average score of all the students and the number of students who scored over 700 points, ranked top 3 among schools that accommodated 500 students, 1st in Huadu District, standing out among schools in Guangzhou.

102019届国际高考世界TOP 10超一流大学录取率21%;世界TOP 30顶尖大学录取率54%;世界TOP 100一流大学录取率73%;世界TOP 200名牌大学录取率100%


2019 Extraordinary outcomes in A-level Results: The percentage of being admitted into Top10 universities was 21%, 54% of Top50 universities, 73% of Top100 universities, 100% oftop200 universities.

(QS2019: Tsinghua University placed 17th; Peking University ranked 30th; Sun Yat-Sen University placed 295)


In 2018, Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch was certified by Guangzhou Education Bureau as a Demonstration High School in Guangzhou, which reflected the quality of the education recognized by authorities.


In 2019, Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch successfully passed the high-standard review, certified as a Tier 1 school in Guangzhou. It was noteworthy that in 2019, Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch became the only one school among plenty of schools in Guangzhou that passed such strict reviews.


Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch has been approved as a Test Center of College Entrance Examination after serious review since 2016, when it emerged as the only one new test center in Guangzhou.


Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch is the first elite school in China that focuses on cultivating students' lifelong learning ability and implementing a Four-point Strategy to improve students’ knowledge, habit, method and thinking.


Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch is the first private school that integrates the wisdom and powerful educational resources provided by Peking University, Huanggang Middle School, the University of Cambridge. (It demonstrates the school's potentials and determination of integrating educational wisdom and resources).


Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch is first school using Wisdom Education as its competitive edge. With Wisdom Education and first-class management, Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch is certified as A Specialist School for Wisdom Education, which appealed to a visit paid by over 200 principals organized by Guangzhou Education Bureau.


Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch promotes “Obeying Law and A Code of Ethics as Bottom Line, while Having Greater Ambitions” in the industry. The school not only prepares young talents for 3/6/12 years in the campus, but also their 60 years later in their life. Besides, it initiated “Moral Education Bank Card” “All-Round Moral Education” in the nation, creating a soft environment for advocating excellent school spirit.



Ms. Liang Runjia, Chairperson of the board of Huangguang Education Group, was invited to The University of Cambridge for sharing experience in education, which was well received by teachers and students, winning this honor for the private education industry for the first time .

(Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch signed a Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation with CAIE. In Guangzhou, only two schools in Guangdong Province signed this memorandum)


Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch has become the first school in Guangzhou that simultaneously provides 4.0 Maker Course, STEAM and Internet of Things Course, Innovative Biology Lesson and Arts.



Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch is the only school in Guangzhou that nurtured three “Little Guangzhou Mayor” within 7 years.

These three students were Li Xinwei, Jin Xiaoyu, Sun Wei, respectively winning the honor in 2013, 2015 and 2019.


Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou Branch has provided scholarships of more than 90 million to students for nine consecutive years, creating the highest record of scholarships among private schools in China, which fully reflects the social responsibility and education ideals of the school runner.